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Searching and Planting

1st February 2018

We understand that you may want something even more effective so we are about to launch a new type of singles event where we take you and a group of singles on an adventure to a remote location where over the course of an entire day we’ll plant trees, wash our hands and then feast. All while you mingle and get to know each other. Is it out of left-field? Yes. So let us explain to you the “Why”. [...]

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Love At First Sight

1st November 2017

Does Love At First Sight exist? The answer is YES, but a simple one-word response doesn’t fully give justice to the question. To provide a more comprehensive answer, we need to momentarily dispense with ideas of Aesthetic Beauty. We’ll link back to it at the end, but two important and very different phenomena need to be explained. [...]

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On Confidence

1st August 2017

At some point in our lives, we’ve all roamed the Wild Wild West (i.e. the internet) for dating advice. Time and time again you come across articles that suggest that you have to be “confident” to attract your dream partner – let alone anyone. This appears to be the case for both males and females, so we’ll consider it as “self-evident” from here on in. But what exactly is confidence? I haphazardly picked a few articles from the results of Google to explore “what was out there”. [...]

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Why Looking At Pictures Does Not Work

1st February 2017

There are plenty of “dating” apps in the market at the moment. Everyone knows that. You’ve probably even tried one. And if you haven’t, you probably know at least 10 people who have. Unfortunately, everyone also knows that they rarely work. [...]

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1st January 2017

When we first launched our original “beta” version of the App to the general public, we received about 300 people willing to test out our product. Although we were hoping for significantly larger, with hindsight it was a nice number. We received such amazing (and insightful) feedback from our testers, that anything more would have been unmanageable by our small team. All testers had vowed to help us create the best possible product before our “real” launch. [...]

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